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I have so enjoyed FB and blogging. I love reading others, friends, and younger people who are so good with words. It is my prayer that I be a servant to others. To lead them to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is of chief importance to me. My work at the Cancer Center gave me many opportunities to do just that; the center was part of a Catholic institution that had ...."in the Spirit of Jesus Christ"..... in the Mission Statement. God gave me a boldness like never before. I also love journal keeping. I have several. The one I am currently using will run out before Dec. 31. I love it; it has a photo of the four grandchildren, Peyton, Paige, Reese, and Sully on it. Plus a Christmas greeting on the inside page. I keep sermon notes and daily stuff on those pages. Mike said, "Do you ever go back and read what you write?" Answer YES. Regularly.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our time in Florida

Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh God my Father~We started out with a sweet visit with my old friend and classmate, Nancy(Cornwell) and Harold Clark. Coach Clark taught at our high school after we graduated. They have a lovely home in Tampa and it is very close to their son Darrin and his wife Karen, and their daughters Megan and Katie. We soon planned a visit to Anna Maria for them, and enjoyed a day of eating and sightseeing about the island. We ate at a place called "Rotten Ralph's". Good food, name doesn't count! Also visited with my first cousin on my dad's side, Virginia (Conner) and David Porter, who have a place in Haines City, FL. We enjoyed the day with them showing us around their park and ate apple pie before leaving. p.s. I requested the pie!! Then one day we went to Ocochoobee, Fl. to visit Mike's old railroad buddy, Dwight and his wife Weezie. Theirs is a place alot like David and Virginia's. Such nice people. Some not so good news was our pastor's son Daniel breaking his arm and having surgery (He is at Pensacola Florida Christian College). Plus another railroad buddy, Gene Barnes had heart surgery, then Gene's brother Buddy Barnes passed away after a short bout with cancer. We also keep close track of our friends at home and how they are; a very special young man having some heart rhythm problems, another friend suffering a heart attack and having 2 stents put in, and doing ok, Thank you Jesus! Our prayer list is huge; maybe that's why we are down here, just to pray for others.

We have met some super people while we've spent our month in sunny Florida. The ladies at Minnie's Resturant have been very special to us. They have told us where to go to see manatees and other sights, such as the DeSoto Museum in Clearwater.

Our special times have been on Sunday mornings at CrossPointe Fellowship, (southern Bapt) where Pastor Moss has preached the Word so very clear, esp. on forgiveness and bitterness. Things I need to work on, and how to do that. Thank, Pastor. Our host Juri Bettino, has been great. But we are very excited about next years spot, the Brideport, which is sooooo nice. We also hope to see my dear cousin Mary and my old Logan friend, Jeanine next year.

God has been good. He has seen the kids thru this time without any big bumps in the road. I miss them all. Even the doggies. But this time with my husband has been a blessing for both of us. Get this: WE WATCHED THE SAME TV THE ENTIRE VACATION! (We never do this at home. And wouldn't have had to here; just wanted to. Ain't that sweet!

We have many places yet to see, saving them for next year. Cafes to eat in, (if we can not turn iin to Minnies). So, let's load up the Tahoe and head into the frigid north of Illinois. Home is gonna look mighty good to both of us.

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